About the THA

The Transvaal Horse Artillery (THA) is a reserve force regiment forming part of the South African Army Conventional Reserves. The Regiment is currently under the command and control of the South African Army Artillery Formation.

The THA provides an artillery capability in support of conventional operations for the landward defence of the Republic of South Africa. The prime mission equipment of the THA is the GV6 Self Propelled 155mm Gun/Howitzer. The allocation of this self-propelled ordnance is in keeping with our tradition of being the only regiment of South African Horse Gunners.
The Regiment is made up of the following sub-units:

RHQ Battery
7th Battery
8th Battery
9th Battery
Target Acquisition Battery and
Regimental Support Battery (RSB).



The THA is a fully integrated regiment, manned completely by volunteers coming from all walks of life in and around Johannesburg. The Regiment has a long and proud tradition of Service in the Armed Forces of South Africa and our members have, and continue to contribute the City of Johannesburg as civilians and soldiers. The THA has over 100 years of proud and loyal service to South Africa and continues to grow from strength to strength.
Ceremonial duties

The THA is a currently tasked to execute all Ceremonial Gun Salutes in the Gauteng Region of South Africa. Gun Salutes are normally executed at the Union Buildings in Pretoria and other locations where visiting dignitaries are received by the President of South Africa or other Cabinet Ministers.
The THA has been affiliated with the Honourable Artillery Company, in London, United Kingdom since 1937. This prestigious unit is one of the oldest military units in the world. Follow the link to their homepage for more information.