The OC’s Letter

The THA 2015 Training Year has literally kicked off with a bang. The Regiment will once again provide personnel for the Ceremonial Gun Salute to Commemorate the 2015 SANDF Armed Forces Day Parade, which will be held at 4 Artillery Regiment on Saturday 21st February 2015.

Further to this I am quite excited about the upcoming Continuation Training Program as we will once again be focusing our efforts on our active personnel.

The Regiment forged a partnership with the School of Artillery way back in 2009 whereby we would deploy our members to their unit lines for Continuation Training. Making good use of their Equipment for Training and other Prime Mission Equipment located there.

The training takes place every third weekend of the month from April to September in preparation for the Annual Reserve Force Artillery Regiments Field Exercise, called Exercise Saint Barbara, held at the Dirkie Uys Training Area in Potchefstroom. The field exercise takes the form of a Combat Readiness Evaluation and will normally be 8 days in duration.

All members who are interested in participating in this Field Exercise have to attend all of the Continuation Training Sessions at the School of Artillery in Klipdrift, North West Province. The Regiment deploys over the weekend from Friday Afternoon at 14:00 until Sunday Mornings 11:30.

Physical Fitness will also play a vital part of the Regiments Training program for 2015/2016 and there is an initiative by the 7th Battery to conduct PT Exercises every second Saturday at the HQ. All members are welcome to attend. It is my intent to raise the Regiment’s level of fitness by the end of the year.

It is also my intent to improve the proficiency of the unit members in the use of Small Calibre Weapons, and to this end I would like to re-introduce the Regiment’s participation in Service Shooting and Combat Rifle Shooting. Our first weekend shoot will take place in Kroonstad over the weekend of the 13th to 15th February 2015 with the expert guidance and tutelage of the Vrystaat Artillerie Regiments Shooting Team. They are the current SANDF Gold Cup Champions and I am certain we can learn a lot form them. Any member who is interested in participating in Combat Rifle Shooting is to contact Major J. Agenbag in order to find out more information.

On the social side of things we would like to advise members that we will be hosting a Monster Tiddler on the Anniversary of the Regiment’s Birthday on Friday 20th March 2015.

Further events to note will be the Annual Gunner’s Memorial at the National Gunners Memorial Site in Potchefstroom to be held on Sunday 12th April 2015.

Our Annual Regimental Remembrance Service will be held in September this year with a Memorial Service and Parade to be held at the THA RHQ on Sunday 27th September 2015.

I look forward to seeing all members at the THA Regimental Events during this year.

Major Albert D. Pestana

Officer Commanding: Transvaal Horse Artillery